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Independent insurance agents are able to provide you with insurance quotes from multiple different carriers so if you are comparison shopping, make sure to include an independent agent in your list. Car insurance rates don't always go up, and in fact they do decrease occassionally.

The internet makes it very easy to buy auto insurance online, and by comparing quotes from different Alabama insurers you can make sure you're not paying too much.

Cheaper Mobile Rates are Available

Remember that liability insurance protects your assets in case you are held liable for an injury or property damage. You cannot carry too much liability coverage in Alabama. Getting a good deal on Mobile car insurance is not difficult.

Compare Mobile Car Insurance Rates

Your 'dec' page or declarations page of your auto insurance policy outlines your current coverages and shows you the coverages you need to compare Mobile insurance rates. A Mobile car insurance rate comparison can easily be done simply by clicking the 'Start' button at the top of our site.

Compare Mobile Auto Insurance Rates

It only takes about five minutes to get multiple estimates from different companies in your area. Alabama ranks 30 out of 50 states in what drivers pay for car insurance. Comprehensive averages about $136 and collision coverage is around $317.

If you own a home in Mobile, a good way to save money on your car insurance is to combine your auto and home policies with the same company.

Free Online Auto Insurance Quotes

Online car insurance rates for Mobile can be significantly different than what you may get from an agent, so it's important to get quotes from both to make a fair comparison.

Did your renewal premium decrease? That's great but it doesn't guarantee that you're actually getting the best Mobile car insurance rate. Many consumers just like you discover the ease of buying online car insurance every day.

Lower your Mobile Car Insurance with These Tips

  • If you're planning on moving in the future, compare the cost of car insurance in your new community with your current one
  • Compare car insurance in Mobile by clicking the 'Start' button at the top of this page
  • Belonging to certain professional organizations can earn you a discount
  • Claim free insureds may receive discounts off their rates
  • Only buy roadside assistance or towing coverage on vehicles you may need it on
  • Click here to get multiple comparison quotes from Mobile insurance agents.

Your auto insurance premiums can be significantly different subject to many criteria. Some of the rate-determining factors are shown below.

  • Your driving record
  • Credit rating
  • The size of your community
  • High miles vs. low miles
  • Male drivers pay higher rates
  • Low deductibles cost more
  • Your vehicle's safety rating
  • Your occupation
  • The amount of protection requested
  • Replacement cost of your vehicle

Prepare to pay more for physical damage coverage than liability coverage. Liability averages about $364, while physical damage insurance costs $453 for the average Mobile driver. The key thing to remember is to make sure your car insurance quotes compare the same insurance limits for liability and physical damage coverage.

Local Mobile insurance agents can give you quotes from many companies approved to sell insurance in Alabama, and they also provide you with professional advice and guidance. Many consumers still prefer to use an insurance agent rather than buying insurance on the web.

Have you ever wondered if you were paying too much for your insurance? Click to find out!

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